Become a more confident parent

1 to 1 tailored mentoring that takes you from survival mode to pure parenting joy.

Do you want to...

Feel more connected to yourself and your children?

Feel calmer about your children’s big emotions?

Feel empowered in the parenting choices you make?


Having someone who will listen to you without judgement, who you can honestly share your highs and lows with. Someone who will empower you to see the amazing parent that you are and help you regain your confidence in knowing you are the best parent for your child.

Reaching out for guidance is a sign of growth, not a sign of weakness.

The confident parent

mentoring package

What you get: An empowering transformation in the parent you are and the relationship you have with your child/children and…
  • 60 Minute Zoom Call at the start of the month
  • 40 Minute Zoom Call in the middle of the month
  • 1 month of unlimited messaging support
  • Curated notes after each call
  • A joyful change of confidence in your parenting journey

What I will do: As I guide you in your parenting journey, I will…

  • listen to you with deep respect, kindness and no-judgment
  • empower you to truly believe YOU are the best parent for your child
  • encourage you to look at your own emotions and needs
  • tailor this programme to the specific needs of you and your family
  • offer advice and suggest tools and techniques you can try based on a respectful approach towards raising children


What you will do: Take small steps to become an empowered parent and…

  • Implement manageable actions
  • Be kind to yourself as you learn to trust yourself and know that you are doing your best
  • Be responsible for taking action in order to see changes happen
  • Make informed choices to decide what best suits you and your family’s needs


£300 per month

working with me

After each session with Aisha I felt like I could really do this and when I started doubting it, I'd remind myself of everything I had achieved. Aisha always listened and never judged. She encouraged me to reflect on my own thoughts and needs without feeling guilty about it. Her advice was relatable, supportive and completely accessible.
Hannah G
I appreciate Aisha's style of consulting - she has a very calming voice (no judgemental tone). I enjoyed her questions - they're very thought provoking and allowed for self reflection, which is very important in parenting. Her tips are helpful, especially the tip with regards to breakfast table! this is a gem. For me it especially helpful as she has twins and understands the dynamics.
Nicole O
I always come away with ideas and approaches to try and feel it helps me to be a better parent!
Jennifer O
Thank you so much for the opportunity to learn from your wisdom! It sparked a good chat for Olly and I.
Gill M

Hello Dear Parent,

I hear you and I am here for you. Having children is a complicated and tiring endeavour. We try our hardest and do the best we can, but sometimes our little humans with their independent agendas and big emotions can cause us to question everything we know!

When you’re deeply involved in a difficult situation you can feel like there is no way out, like you have missed something or failed in some way. I can tell you now, that is not true. Sometimes all you need is somebody to take a look at your situation from a fresh perspective and point you in the right direction. To validate all the hard work you have already done and help you solve your current struggle. If you need to talk to someone, I am here.

Aisha xx

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