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Any parent’s must-listen!
Great podcast into respectful parenting. Was following Aisha on Instagram and am so glad she started this podcast to share her experience. Very down-to-earth advice and some real life anecdotes that we’ll make you chuckle.
Highly Recommended
I have been following Aisha’s work over Instagram for a while, and getting to listen to her on podcast has been a blast! Reading her posts was always a ray of sun in my parenting journey so I am sure the podcast will not be an exception, I am already looking forward for more episodes so I highly recommend giving a try if you haven’t!
Vital for your parenting journey!
Every parent should listen to this fantastic podcast. Aisha is positive, relatable, supportive, and all advice and discussion is completely accessible. A real gem of a podcast!


I am so glad you have decided to embark on this journey to becoming a respectful parent. Whether you are expecting, have a newborn or toddler, tween, teen or young adult it is always a great time to learn.

Parents have so many things to think about. We want the best for our children and we work really hard for it. There is such an overload of information on all the things we have to remember and do. I have definitely felt this overwhelm of listening to all the voices, wanting to do all the things and as a result getting lost and feeling like a failure.

This is why I created this podcast. My aim is to not inundate already exhausted parents with tonnes of extra things to remember and do. What I want is to provide a really easy going, step by step guide that will ultimately result in you having a calmer relationship with your child. I know that your time is precious. You don’t have to read all the books, you don’t have to spend hours learning and practicing new things. This podcast will give you one bite-size aspect to focus on each week which you can slowly start introducing into your home. Over time, these skills will turn into habits, and eventually become a natural part of who you are. Are you ready to dive in?

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